We are a non-profit family peer support organization for parents whose children to age 25 are facing mental health challenges. We are parents who have supported our own children with these challenges – we’ve been there, we get it, and we can help.

We provide Family Peer Support for parents through our:

Parents’ Helpline for support and guidance navigating the mental health system, finding resources in your community, and for when you just need someone to talk to.

Parent Support Groups for parents to share information and learn from one another, and come together as a community.

Mobile One-on-One Support for more intensive support and guidance through particularly challenging times, in-person and in your community.

How we can help

  • Understanding your child’s concerning symptoms or diagnosis
  • Finding resources and support for your child and family
  • Navigating services for your child at home, in the community, and at school
  • Providing support and strategies for coping with life’s stressors
  • Sharing skills to effectively advocate for your child and family’s needs
  • Providing non-judgemental, understanding support for you as a parent

Call now to speak with a Family Peer Supporter


Parents who have used our services report being better able to access the services they need, better able to support their child, and better able to cope with the challenges they face. They also report feeling less anxious, stressed, and isolated.

As a mental health professional working with children, youth and families, I am grateful for Pleo and the support it provides children/youth and their families. As a parent-led organization, it fills the gap that professional mental health services do not provide. If Pleo did not exist I simply don’t know what I would recommend in its place.

Dr. Michael Cheng

Co-Founder, eMentalHealth.ca ; Psychiatrist at CHEO; Associate Professor at uOttawa

Pleo is presenting a workshop on School Avoidance and Refusal at free event, “Prepared and Positive: An Information Forum for Parents of Children and Youth”, hosted by The Rotary Club of West Ottawa

“Prepared and Positive: An Information Forum for Parents of Children and Youth”, is a free event being held on Saturday April 27 and hosted by The Rotary Club of West Ottawa, helping families learn how to support their child struggling with a mental health challenge. Pleo invites all parents to attend this free event, where we will be presenting a workshop on school avoidance and refusal.

Find support with other parents of suicidal youth, in this free and confidential 8 week online peer-led support group, hosted by Pleo in partnership with The Robbie Dean Counselling Centre

Registrations are now full for this group. If you are a parent who still wants to register, we are pleased to announce Pleo and The Robbie Dean Counselling Centre, will be offering another support group for parents of suicidal youth starting in June. Please watch for advertisements on our social media, website and email newsletter for the next support group starting in June.

Registration for the next support group starting in June, will open the first week of May.

All of Pleo’s services are free to join and funded by our funders, donors and sponsors.

Please note- In addition to our on-site mobile one-on-one support, we have bilingual Family Peer Supporters available by virtual appointment at:

Embrun – Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell (8 Valoris St, Embrun)
Rockland – Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell (860 Caron St, Rockland)
Youth Wellness Hub Cornwall (212 Pitt Street, Cornwall)
Youth Wellness Hub Rockland (1517 Laurier St, Rockland)

If you are interested in booking a virtual appointment at any of the above, please contact Chantal, Team Lead of Support Groups, at chantal@pleo.on.ca

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Where to find Pleo in your community

We are here to help, in communities across Eastern Ontario. Click the link below to find your local Pleo Parent Support Group, or to find a Pleo Family Peer Supporter available at your community mental health agency.

Do you struggle getting your child to attend school?

We will be presenting a workshop on School Avoidance and Refusal in children at this free event, hosted by The Rotary Club of West Ottawa. Learn more and register here

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Join us at free event, "Prepared and Positive: An Information Forum for Parents of Children and Youth", hosted by The Rotary Club of West Ottawa. Learn more and register here.

Rejoignez-nous à l'événement gratuit,"Préparés et positifs : un forum d'information pour les parents d'enfants et de jeunes", organisé par le Club Rotary d'Ottawa Ouest. Apprendre encore plus et inscrivez-vous.