Parents for Children’s Mental Health

PCMH is the only provincial, nonprofit, parent-led organization that provide a voice for families who face the challenges of child and youth mental health issues. PCMH provides support, education, and empowerment by linking networks of families, communities, agencies, and government. PCMH believes in the promotion of family-centered principles of care.

PLEO is the Ottawa Chapter of PCMH which ensures that the provincial message includes the voices of families in the Ottawa Community.

Family Input Survey – A system that truly makes sense

In August 2013, Parents for Children’s Mental Health conducted a survey of 254 families across the province. The survey was conducted electronically and targeted families who are representative of their communities with varying degrees of understanding and scope of the child and youth mental health sector, and all representing different stages of the journey for families of children and youth with mental illness/disorders. This was done in order to get results representative of the scope of challenges families are facing and the scope of commentary from families in order to provide a true representation of family opinion.

The survey was conducted over a one month period of time. Answers were provided anonymously to allow families to answer as freely as possible.  The survey was completed by 254 families.

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