Partnering with Educators

In collaboration with the Mental Health Lead in your school board, our Family Peer Supporters would like to partner with you in supporting the families in your schools to flourish.

Click to watch this video to hear Kim, a PLEO Family Peer Supporter, share how we can work with you to support the families in your school .

How we can support a parent whose child is struggling with mental health, behavioural, or addiction challenges:

Support them in resiliency and competency building
Help them to understand their child’s concerning behaviours and diagnosis
Assist parents in finding resources and support services
Provide parents with support and strategies for coping with life’s stressors
And help them to best partner with their child’s educators to support their child’s learning and wellbeing

To make a referral, please click here

To download a poster to share with the educators in your school, please click here.

To download a brochure to share with parents you are working with, please click here.

Do you have questions about how we can work together?

Please call or email us! 1.855.775.7005, or We’re here to help.

I called the PLEO Helpline for the first time last week. Being able to speak to someone who gets what I’m going through was such a relief. I feel like I have an ally. Someone who not only gets it, but also can help me figure out what to do and where to go to help my child. Thank you for providing such a wonderful and desperately needed service.

Ottawa Parent