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As we learn from our collective experience, we create and curate resources so that other parents, just like us, can find their way a little easier or sooner.

We hope you find some useful wisdom here.

Who is PLEO?

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A one page document describing who we are and how we help parents find their way to the help and services they need for their children.

What Parents can do While Waiting for Mental Health Services

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PLEO Waiting for Mental Health Services

Often, when seeking help for your child, you can face the challenge of dealing with wait lists.
Even though this can be a frustrating time, there are many helpful things you can do while you wait for services.

Navigating the Education System when your Child has Mental Health Challenges

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School can be very challenging for students facing mental health challenges. Focusing on successes and strengths and teasing out the stressors will be key to your child’s success. In doing so parents and schools will help children build resilience, and ultimately, to flourish. Students do best when schools and parents work together. This guide will help you understand the process, how to navigate the education system, and provide some essential skills for parents. Our goal will be to create a plan that both reduces challenges and maximizes opportunities for your child to use their strengths.

Coping when your Child is Facing Mental Health Challenges

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Our greatest wish is to see our children flourish. As parents, we experience tremendous stress when our kids are facing mental health challenges. We worry about their well-being, their safety, and their future. We struggle to secure services and supports for them and often face lengthy wait lists. We do our best to educate ourselves about the issues they are facing. Often, friends and family don’t understand the challenges we face, making it difficult for them to support us. While we focus on our child who is facing challenges, other family members may feel neglected resulting in added family strain and increasing our own stress levels. It is our role as parents to be our child’s advocate. Research indicates that children facing mental health challenges who have strong family support have better outcomes. As parents, we need support as well so that we can be strong and resilient for our kids.

To realize the full benefits of caregiving, it is crucial that caregivers have access to the information and supports they need to sustain their own wellbeing, and that their voices are recognized and respected in Canada’s mental health system. Failure to support caregivers undermines mental health across the entire population, leading to poorer outcomes, both for the people living with a mental illness and their caregivers. This also leads to increased health and social service costs.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada