How We Help

We help parents of children facing mental health challenges find their way forward.

We provide Family Peer Support through integrated services specifically designed to support parents when, where, and how they need it, and to work together so that parents can move seamlessly between them.

It’s easy to work with us

If you are a parent, call 613.321.3211 or 855.775.7005 to speak with a Family Peer Supporter or have us call you by completing a self-referral form.

If you are a service provider call 613.321.3211 or 855.775.7005 to make a referral by phone with a Family Peer Supporter, or complete our online referral form.

Thanks to the support of our funders, all of our services are available at no cost. Parents do not need a referral to access our services, and, we welcome referrals from providers working with a family so that we can make that first call – we just ask that you confirm the parent’s consent to share their contact information.

PLEO Parents' Helpline navigation and support

Our Parents’ Helpline is answered Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm EST. Any parent or caregiver of a child up to age 25 can call – any time and as often as is helpful. There’s no waitlist, no fee, no paperwork. You call and get support right away. Call now to speak with a Family Peer Supporter.

Our Parent Support Groups are confidential, no judgement, small groups of parents who meet to support each other, share valuable information, and connect with a community. These are hosted by two Family Peer Supporters who bring their own experience and wisdom, and knowledge of the services and resources available in your community. Click here to find a Pleo Parent Support Group nearby.

Our One-on-One Mobile Service is for parents who, for whatever reason, would benefit from more intensive support and guidance. Our Family Peer Supporters meet with parents in their community, one-on-one, usually over about eight weeks.

We are also on-site at several locations across the region, working closely with our partners to ensure your whole family is supported. Click here to find a Pleo Family Peer Supporter nearby.

More than 90% of parents and caregivers who have used our services report feeling better able to cope, better able to support their child, and better able to access the services they need. They also report feeling less anxious, stressed, and isolated.   

The parents we support have children, youth, or young adults up to age 25 who are struggling with their mental health. The range of challenges is broad – ADHD, addiction, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism as there is often overlap or dual diagnosis, eating disorders, and many others. Their child may or may not have a diagnosis, and can be at any stage of their journey. 

We help parents find and access the right services for their child and family. We help them build their own capacity to support their child, and to cope with the tremendous challenges they face. We work together to figure out how to manage confidentiality, co-parenting, setting boundaries, school truancy, medication, safety, housing, lack of motivation or insight, and all the other issues and stressors that the whole family faces when a child is struggling. And we’re here alongside them as peers – as parents who have been there ourselves and really get it – so that they never have to feel alone or isolated.

Just knowing you are not alone in your struggles is a big help and gives you courage to get through the next day.

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